Install Any App on SD Card on Android 2.2

by on July 2, 2010
in Android, Tips and Tricks

Android 2.2 brings one of the most requested features, App to SD. Till now, Android phone users were limited to install the number of apps according to how much phone memory they have.

Users were not able to install apps on SD card. Ofcourse, there were some advance tricks for installing apps on SD, but users with simple rooted devices can now also install apps on SD card with the help of a very simple app available on the Android Market.

Mod Install Location provides you with the easiest way to save your apps on SD card. This is actually ported from RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Rom for Nexus One.

It lets you install new apps on SD card as well as allow you to move your previously install apps to SD card from Settings > Applications > Manage applications.


Don’t know why, but developers don’t seem so interested in allowing apps to be moved to SD card – and it is now one of the most requested feature for every app from users.

Thanks to this app, I can now move ANY and as many apps I want to my SD card. But remember, when connected to the PC in mass memory mode, these apps won’t be accessible on your phone!

Download Mod Install Location

You can grab this app from the Android Market for FREE!

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  • guest

    Can't wait to try it out – any chance you guys can post the QR code when you do reviews of Android apps? cheers!

  • Sure! Will do that from now on :)

  • Lfagens

    I can't find it on market, can you post a direct link, please.

  • Ken

    Still not on the market????

  • Anybody

    can't find it on market link please..

  • Simon

    Superb – thanks!

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