Nokia N9 Leaked Into the Wild

by on June 27, 2010
in Gadgets

clip_image001Nokia has stayed as the front runner in the smartphone market with its N-xx series of smartphones. The N-9x series has been the companies’ flagship line of high-end smartphones which feature high-tech specs, shiny devices and lots of digits on the price tag. Word is out about Nokia’s newest QWERTY keyboard enabled smartphone.

And it doesn’t end there; we’ve got a picture of this baby for you as well:


Probably to be named as N-98 or N8 plus QWERTY, call it whatever you like but this smartphone has an 8 megapixel camera riding on its back along with 850/1900 3G support. Also rumored is the “ridiculous screen clarity” with this smartphone. Has Nokia surpassed Apple’s Retina display with this thing? Not quite sure yet. From the picture above, it seems this device also runs on Symbian operating system, despite Nokia’s claims that they won’t be using Symbian as the default operating system for their next N-9x series smartphones. This is surely an ambiguity which will be resolved in the few coming days.

To end, take a look at the “CO” label at the upper left corner of this device and ponder if it’s a member of any upcoming series by Nokia. Happy thinking.


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