Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 Release Date and Availability

by on June 15, 2010
in Gaming, Microsoft

microsoft-kinectKinect for Xbox 360 release date and availability has also been announced at today’s E3 2010 Xbox 360 keynote. Microsoft has already managed to steal the show today with their announcement and demo of Microsoft Kinetic.

Microsoft Kinetic will complete change the face of console gaming once it hits the market! Read more after the break for the release date and availability of Microsoft Kinect.


Microsoft Kinect Release Date

Kinect will be releasing on November 4th to the retail stores near you! Even the rumoured Xbox 360 + Kinect bundle will hit the stores on the same day!

Microsoft Kinect Price

Pricing has not been revealed at E3. It will be announced soemtime before Kinect is released to the market!

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  • This is a helpful post and informative, I’m wondering what
    would be the next XBOX 360 looks like in 2012. There are so many XBOX models
    out in the market nowadays and I still find some that the design makes me sick
    but not his one.