Motorola Droid 2 will Launch on 23rd August with Android 2.2?

by on June 30, 2010
in Android

clip_image002.jpgThere has been so much speculation around for Motorola’s Droid 2 smartphone. Dubbed to challenge the iPhone with its features and quality, the Droid 2 has created huge interest from fans and critics alike on how it is going to perform when put against the iPhone 4. With Verizon wireless backing the Droid 2 as its official carrier, the competition is just going to get that little bit harder due to AT&T having the iPhone 4 supported.

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Samsung and Sprint Announces Samsung Epic 4G

by on June 28, 2010
in Gadgets

clip_image001Samsung has been in the limelight for some time now with their new lineup of smartphones. First the Galaxy S 9000 was announced a few weeks back with Samsung aiming to crack the smartphone market share in its favor. The news today from Samsung is that they’re teaming up with Sprint for another Galaxy S smartphone device. The phone is named Epic 4G.

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Nokia N9 Leaked Into the Wild

by on June 27, 2010
in Gadgets

clip_image001Nokia has stayed as the front runner in the smartphone market with its N-xx series of smartphones. The N-9x series has been the companies’ flagship line of high-end smartphones which feature high-tech specs, shiny devices and lots of digits on the price tag. Word is out about Nokia’s newest QWERTY keyboard enabled smartphone.

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Pre-Order Droid X at Best Buy

by on June 26, 2010
in Android, Gadgets

clip_image002Motorola’s flagship smartphone, the Droid X is now available for pre-ordering at BestBuy stores. The Android running smartphone will be available for sale July 15, 2010 but users can get a nick of satisfaction by pre-ordering it at Best Buy. The best part about the pre-order deal is that users have to pay nothing in while pre-ordering and are guaranteed to receive their smartphone once it is made available (unlike the iPhone 4, where several users had their pre-orders cancelled).

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Windows Live Messenger for iPhone Released

by on June 21, 2010
in iPhone, Microsoft, Mobile Apps

windows-live-messenger-iconMicrosoft has finally released the official Windows Live Messenger for iPhone app. Unlike the Symbian version, it is completely free to use and is now available for download from the App Store.

You can chat with your Windows Live and Yahoo! contacts and as well as connect with your social network buddies on Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and YouTube etc.

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Android 2.2 Froyo Update for HTC Desire Coming in 2 Weeks

by on June 21, 2010
in Android

htc-desireAfter Google Nexus One, HTC Desire will be getting the Android 2.2 Froyo Update in almost 2 weeks, according to HTC support. A user on XDA Developers forum received an email from HTC Support which confirmed that the new 2.2 Froyo update for HTC Desire will be released in 2 weeks and will fix many issues that were present in the previous firmware. It will also update flash player and will resolve any issues experienced by users when trying to work with Flash content.

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5 Apps to Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 Live on your iPhone

by on June 19, 2010
in iPhone, Mobile Apps

iphone-3gsThe FIFA World Cup 2010 is here. The whole football world is seemingly crazy over the thrill, excitement and the drama that will be brought to their TV screens once the world cup starts. However, what if you could not watch the match on your TV? Whatever the reason, there is no need to get worried about. We’ve got five of the best apps which would help iPhone users to stay in touch with the latest happenings during the FIFA World Cup 2010, right from their very own iPhone.

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FrostWire for Android, Alpha Testers Needed

by on June 18, 2010
in Android, Mobile Apps

frostwire-logoRemember FrostWire? Yes, it’s the free P2P client I review back last year. The good news is, they’re probably the first ones who are going to bring a P2P client to Android phones.

FrostWire for Android isn’t going to be a full P2P client, rather they call it to be Short Range Peer to Peer, which will allow users to send/receive files with users connected on the same wifi network. This new protocol has been named as MetaFrost.

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PlayStation Move Release Date and Price Announced

by on June 16, 2010
in Gadgets, Gaming

PlayStation Move was officially named and announced by Sony at the Sony GDC back in March. Today, at E3 2010, Sony unveiled the release date and pricing of their motion controller in the Sony keynote.

Along with the launch of PlayStation Move, Sony will release around 15-20 game titles to play with this device. More details on the release date and pricing after the break.


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