How to Install Android 2.2 on Nexus One

Google Nexus Unbox - 42Nexus One users with rooted devices have just been blessed with the manual update file of Android 2.2 FRF50 (Froyo).

If you don’t have a rooted phone, you can follow the tutorial given here to get the OTA Android 2.2 (FRF50) update for your phone. But in case, like mine, your Nexus One is rooted, keep reading below.

How to Install Nexus One Software Update

Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to install the Android 2.2 (FRF50) update on your rooted Nexus One. I have previously done a similar tutorial on how to install Android 2.1 (Update 1) manually, and I will be following the same steps in this case too.

Disclaimer: Try this on your own risk. I’m not responsible if you mess up with your Nexus One.

1. Download Froyo FRF50 [Mirror] the Nexus One Android 2.2 software update (FRF50) on your PC.

2. Rename the downloaded .zip file to ‘‘.

3. Connect and mount your Nexus One SD card on your computer using the USB cable.

4. Now copy/paste the file to your SD card. Make sure the file is in the SD card root. It should not be in a directory.

5. Then turn off your phone.

6. Now to get in the bootloader mode, turn on the phone while pressing and holding the trackball and power button.


7. Follow the navigation instructions on the screen. Select BOOTLOADER and then go to RECOVERY.

8. Assuming you have Amon RA’s recovery, scroll down to “Flash zip from SD card” and press the track ball to open it.

9. Using the trackball, select your “” file. Confirm the installation and the installation procedure should start now.

10. After the installation completes, reboot the phone by selecting “reboot system now” from the recovery menu. It might look as if stuck again on the Android bot, but it will soon reboot.

That’s it! You’re Nexus One should have the latest software update installed on your phone! Go to Settings >About phone to verify.

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  • Shigera

    Hello there!

    Could anybody tell me wether i should try to root my Htc Hero with that new 2.2 ROM i have already a custom ROM installed should i try that or wont it work. ?!

  • It won't work. And don't try, or you might end up with an unstable phone.

  • Daniel

    It says “Innstallation aborted.” :( I am running Cyanogen MOD 5.0.6 or something…

  • Shigera

    Thanks for the advide :) I installed VillainROM 6.0 *waiting for official htc uprade for hero*

  • Flavio

    i have a error in update line 7

  • Dom

    I received the same error code. Any solution for this? Thanks in advanced for your help!

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  • ALI

    Hi there,
    when I go to recovery mode, I'm getting a screen with android icon plus exclamation mark in a triangle!!! Does anyone know what's this and how I can tackle the prob, please?

  • Yes, that is perfectly fine. Wait a bit for the menu to appear :)

  • Raro

    I downloaded
    from your download link, I have:
    build EPF21B
    version firmware 2.1-update1

    I get the next

    E: Can't open /cache/recovery/command

    –Install from sdcard …
    Finding update packahe …
    Opening update packahe …
    Verifiying update packahe …
    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    my email:


  • Jona

    I got the same problem… Didn't find a solution yet though….

  • Roger

    Press the VolumeUp and Power button at the same time and you will get a a menu selection. Use the trackball to highlight ' Apply ' and press the trackball to select.