Android 2.2 Hidden Feature: Trackball Colours

by on May 22, 2010
in Android

google-nexus-one-thumbAndroid 2.2 (Froyo) is now available to most of the Nexus One users, ofcourse, except the users have rooted their N1 will have to wait for an officialFroyo dump for their devices to update.

This update comes with an interesting feature which was never highlighted at the Google I/O 2010, trackball colours! This feature was rumoured months ago to be included in the next Android update, and it really is, but was never mentioned anywhere by Google. Or may be, it’s only for the N1 trackball?


Other features, like FM Radio and Wireless N (802.11n) were rumoured to be activated for the Nexus One in the Android 2.2 update, but so far, there have been no news of getting included in Froyo.

I haven’t been able to find any settings or configuration menu on how and where to change the colour of the trackball. It just glowed in GREEN colour while booting up (after Android 2.2 installation). I wish I could have caught it on camera!

If anyone of you have found on how to tweak the colours without rooting your phone, do let us know. I’d love to have a blue glowing trackball!

Update: Screenshot added!

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  • Bennet

    got a FB notification and the trackball glowed blue. No idea where to set that though….

  • angar

    AK notepad can change track ball color for his notification.

  • angar

    try AK Notepad

  • MarkCiz

    I use SMS Popup for my text messaging, and you can set which color you want the trackball to appear for each contact. You can even make your own color by mixing the Red, Blue, and Green channels. It's really neat!

  • Six

    Android Market> chompSMS> settings> notifications> LED blink color> “choose color”> scroll to bottom n hit TEST NOTIFICATIO N> before hitting ok, hit power button to sleep nexus (trackball only glows when screen is off) – see it glow!> done!

  • gvicente

    I just updated to android 2.2 yesterday and today I got an sms and the trackball flashed RED. tried several times again, and only white flashes. really strange…

  • Dale

    Download Hi Fbook (spelt like that – Chat for facebook)

    In settings pick the trackball colour you want and when you get a fb chat message watch that trackball shine

  • Pzaul

    There is an app called blink and it will change the color for incoming calls, sms/mms and system alerts.

  • Noname

    I had a blue trackball one morning when i woke up.. there were about 12 different notifications.. i was sleepy.. but i knew it was blue.

  • It's a feature ;)