PSP2 Specs Leaked: Touchscreen, Dual Cameras, Powerful Processor

by on May 18, 2010
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psp2PSP2 seems to have joined the rumours slate for E3 2010. A latest report by VG247 reveals that PSP2 release date won’t be very near, infact not in 2010 at all.

There is 99 percent chances that Sony will NOT announce the PSP2 at E3 this year. PSP2 is expected to ship early next year. Several specs have been leaked which may make it to the Sony PSP2.


PSP2 Specifications

The PSP2 specs that have been found so far which would be making it to the final product are as follows:

  • Dual cameras
  • Touchscreen display with physical standard controls
  • No physical media like the PSP Go.
  • Probably will come with 3G.
  • Will be powered by a four-core processor! That is half of what PS3 is powered by!

PSP2 Release Date

There are several speculations of when the PSP2 will start shipping. If the games are aimed for the end of 2010, then PSP2 is expected in early 2011 – probably at Gamescom or TGS.

[Via Gizmodo]

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  • Kunu

    I wonder if it will have half the graphical power of the PS3, too. Of course, that would mean a very short battery life.

    I wonder what Wipeout will look like on this thing!

  • Elsmitty

    I see the screen breaking in my pocket. Sounds like its going to be expensive. Yea I don't think I'm going to buy it and put in in my pocket

  • manutd123

    two analog sticks are essential for it to be successful, touchcsreen would be nice feature

  • philingo

    i liky