Hotmail Getting a Makeover

by on May 18, 2010
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windows-live-logoMicrosoft’s Hotmail is getting a major update with plenty of new features and improving the ones that already exist!

Hotmail is currently the most popular email service around the world, and we’ll be seeing a major makeover after a long time. Microsoft has been planning for this one for a while now.

Hotmail Makeover New Features

Here are some of the features that we’ll see in the new Hotmail update:

  • A “Sweep” feature that appears to be a “hybrid of bulk actions and rules” by allowing you to apply actions to a bunch of emails at once while setting rules for future correspondences.
  • Slideshows for attached images—incoming or outgoing.
  • Exchange support.
  • Office Web Apps that’ll open attached documents right in your browser.
  • The ability to play videos right in your inbox just as you can with Gmail’s YouTube integration.
  • Better filtering options.

For a complete and detailed list of updates, visit here.

[Via Gizmodo]

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  • I never liked hotmail. Its UI makes me really uncomfortable.

  • Who uses hotmail nowadays? Certainly not the web savvy amongst us!

    I agree with geek, the hotmail UI makes me sick.

    I would stick with Gmail. It's light years ahead of hotmail. (I mean hotmail does not even auto refresh on its own, you have to refresh to get new mail, how pathetic is that?) (Also look at gmail labs, again, light years ahead of hotmail).