Twitter for Android Review, Screenshots

twitter-logoTwitter for Android official app has just been released for public in the Android Market! Twitter promised an official Twitter client for Android, after the release of Twitter for BlackBerry app – and it’s finally there!

Just like my previous quick reviews and screenshots posts on Opera Mini 5, Fennec for Android and Skyfire 2.0 Android, I’m doing a similar one for the Twitter for Android app too!

Twitter for Android Review, Screenshots Tour

The bottom part you see with the Twitter bird and clouds in the screenshot below is actually an animated background, and offers quick access to the latest Trending Topics in Twitter.


It is a very fast, easy-to-use Twitter app with basic functionality and would be perfect for new and novice Twitter users who have recently bought an Android phone. For advance users, there are plenty of apps available in the Market which are currently better than the one offered by twitter officially. Check out our list of 25+ Android Twitter Apps!

As I said, it doesn’t have all the features, by that I mean is the traditional way of retweeting a tweet! The official app only offers you to retweet using the native retweet feature of Twitter.

Syncing your contacts with newly updated tweets and display pictures is something that would appeal to many – including me! Check out the screenshots below:







Post Tweet




Trending Topics


Other Screenshots:

twitter-android-sign-in twitter-android-signing-in twitter-android-sync twitter-android-settings twitter-android-post-tweet-2 twitter-android-more-options

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