Nokia N8 Review by Eldar Murtazin

by on April 26, 2010
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nokia-n8Nokia was once my favourite mobile phone choice, but due to their several last high-end failures, I have now moved away from Nokia to others. Nokia N8 photos and documents have been leaked earlier, but Eldar Murtazin of Mobile-Review has got his hands on the device for review.

According to the Nokia N8 review by him, it could be another disappointment for Nokia fans. It’s got  12 megapixels camera, which take great photos – a bit better than the Sony Ericsson Satio, but what’s most disappointing is the new Symbian^3 OS.


Nokia N8 will be the first device to run on the Symbian^3, but this OS is still unpolished and Nokia seems to be in a hurry to push out new devices on that OS. Just like other models, this phone also gets slow when filled with lots of music, photos and video files. The device reviewed by Eldar is just a prototype version ,which means the final product that gets shipped could be a lot different and much better.

Check out the Nokia N8 review by Eldar Murtazin (Mobile-Review) here!

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  • pretty happy with my new n8. touch screen is really nice, looks a little different than my old unlocked gsm phones but that's ok. pretty happy with it. processor is faster and it's great for my business in every way. not as much fun as my old unlocked iphones but i can't complain. wifi and gps are great for getting around and helping me meet my deadlines. cant complain. also pretty great games in there I guess, for when i'm on the road. my wife loves hers for the facebook and camera and recorder to get all our little kids precious moments. texting and emailing can be a little difficult sometimes i'm used to having a keyboard i can push. but we got our blackberry unlock codes and htc unlocking for free so that's nice! got our last couple nokia n8's at 2 thumbs way up