How to Install iPhone 4.0 Beta Firmware without UDID

by on April 10, 2010
in Apple, iPhone

iphone-os-4.0In order to try out the new iPhone 4.0 beta, you need to have a developer’s account on Apple in order to install and try out the latest beta OS from Apple for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. But today I’m going to share how you can install iPhone 4.0 beta without UDID registration.

iPhone OS 4.0 beta was released in a developer’s preview event a couple of days ago which brings over 100 new features to the iPhone OS with multitasking being the biggest one!

How to Install iPhone 4.0 Beta Firmware without UDID

Yes, it’s possible! iH8sn0w has shown a way how you can activate and install iPhone OS 4.0 beta firmware without UDID registration on your device. Simply follow the steps below to give it a try:

  1. Decrypt your firmware files and get the rootfs.dmg file.
  2. Open the rootfs.dmg file within the IPSW file.
  3. Then navigate to System/Library/CoreServices and copy over SystemVersion.plist
  4. Now open SystemVersion.plist
  5. Remove the following two lines from it
  6. Add it back into the rootfs.dmg file, overwriting the old SystemVersion.plist.
  7. Now restore the new IPSW file to your device.

Video link by iH8sn0w:

Note: We’re not responsible for any damage to your iPhone, iPod Touch by trying the above tutorial. Please try it on your own risk!

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  • dream_net

    how can i Decrypt your firmware
    files withwindows 7?

    Can someone register my UDID



  • mazent

    Maybe you can try to restore it whith iReb.
    I would try this too, but I don´t get the encryption part.
    Can someone explain it to me?

  • mattia

    i sent you an e-mail. please, activate my udid!

  • mattia

    i sent you an e-mail. please, activate my udid!

  • LOGAn

    i get error 14 every time; can someone please send me a patched ipsw for a 3gs

  • mike

    could you add my udid ?

  • Tornado

    I will register 40 UDID in exchange for a donation of any kind by paypal. If you send me 10$ I will register, if you send me 1$ I will also register :)
    Please donate to with your UDID mentioned and I will activate/register it.