iPhone OS 4.0 Features Roundup

by on April 9, 2010
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Apple just got over with introducing some exciting new features in the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 which will be coming out in summer for the iPhone and iPod Touch users and in fall for the iPad users.

Over 100 new features have been added in iPhone OS 4.0, and the seven top features from them are: multitasking, folders, improved Mail, iBooks, enterprise stuff, Game Center and iAd.

iPhone OS 4.0 Features

So let’s begin the tour of the top features added in the iPhone 4.0 firmware!



One of the most anticipated features was multi-tasking, which allows you to run multiple third party apps simultaneously. However, the feature of multi-tasking will be introduced for iPhone 3GS and 3rd generation iPod Touch. The major problem related to multi-tasking was with the battery life but they announced a fix for that as well. It may consume more battery but it will not be that much as they have distilled down the services that the apps need to multitask in the background.


Next we have is Folders! Now you can manage all you applications and copy them in different folders as you like. They don’t have to be on you homescreen e.g you can copy all your games in one folder. You can do that by dragging one application over the other which will create the new folder containing those two applications. The folder is named automatically based on the category of the apps that were dragged. In the same way you can create as many folders as you like.


If you want to open the folder, just tap on it and it will open the folder containing all the apps you have pasted in that specific folder.



Improved Mail

The next thing is the improved Mail app in which you can have multiple email account in a unified inbox, so you don’t have to switch between different inboxes for different accounts. This is not it; you can even have more than one exchange account as well in your Mail app.


Game Center

One of the most exciting features introduced is the Game center which contains more than 50k games and entertainment titles. They also introduced a social gaming network known as MatchMaking in which users will be able to find random people to play with depending on the multiplayer games installed in your phone. This will be available for all users later this year.



As we all knew from before, Apple planned to release a mobile advertising network, iAd. Developers will now be able to put advertisements in the apps that will allow them to generate some revenue.



Other than that, the new iPhone OS 4.0 will be equipped with iBooks, same as the iPad. You will be able to read ebooks on your iPhone. But you do have to buy the book first and then you can read it anywhere.


Enterprise Features

Last but not the least was the Enterprise features. It included better data protection, encrypts email and attachments. There will be APIs available so developers can encrypt stuff inside their own apps and mobile device management.


Apple introduced some handy features, most of them which were lacking in the iPhone. Now, the last thing which everyone is waiting for is iPhone 4G/HD.

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