iPad Widgets for Homescreen, Coming Soon?

by on April 9, 2010
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apple-ipad-tabletSo, yes, they are coming in future! Widgets for the iPad home screen is imminent. Yesterday, at the iPhone OS 4.0 event, Jason Chen of Gizmodo asked Steve Jobs if they have moved away from widgets?

He replied that they have just shipped it over the weekend and rested the next day. On asking if it was possible, then yes, Steve replied, “Everything is possible.

At the developer’s preview yesterday, Apple announced several new exciting features for the iPhone OS 4.0 which is to be released in summer for the iPhone and iPod Touch and later this fall for the iPad. iPhone OS 4.0 SDK is now available for download for developers.


iPad Widgets for Home Screen on iPad OS 4.0

Jason Chen:

Q: Why have you veered away from widgets on the iPad?
A: We just shipped it on Saturday. And then we rested on Sunday.
Q: So widgets are possible?
A: Everything is possible.

This pretty much shows that Apple is indeed working on iPad widgets for home screen on the iPad OS 4.0, which will be released sometime in Fall, as Jobs said.

Could this also mean widgets on the iPhone? In the next iPhone OS 4.1 update?  Possibly. Let us know your view in the comments below!

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  • I don't think widget in iPhone will play a big role but widget in iPad – yes, it will be huge.