TweetDeck for Android

by on April 4, 2010
in Android

tweetdeck-logoAfter expanding TweetDeck from the desktop version to iPhone and the recently announced iPad release, TweetDeck for Android will soon make its way to the Android Market.

A tweet by the makers of TweetDeck revealed that a TweetDeck Android and BlackBerry version is coming soon.

This was just a teaser and for now that’s all we know about it. No screenshots or demo of the TweetDeck Android client. But this sure is going to be very interesting with Seesmic and Twidroid dominating as the best Twitter clients in the Android Market for Android devices.

TweetDeck: Android, BlackBerry Twitter Client

Here’s a screenshot of the tweet by TweetDeck:


At the moment, Seesmic is my favourite Twitter client for Android. I’m using it on both of my Android devices, the Nexus One and HTC Hero.

TweetDeck will have to come out with something really cool to make me move from Seesmic. Let’s wait for the release now.

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