How to Sync iPad with iTunes

by on March 31, 2010
in iPhone, Tips and Tricks

apple-ipad-tabletiPad is almost going to release in three days time, the moment all fans have been waiting for to get their hands on this Apple Tablet. Just before the release, Apple released the iTunes 9.1 download today.

iTunes 9.1 adds support for the iPad, which will be making its way to Best Buy in three days and it also added iPad syncing features.


Basically, the procedure to manage, sync and organize apps, music, games etc on the iPad will be the same as the iPhone and iPod Touch as the iPad is running on iPad 3.2 firmware (aka iPhone 3.2 OS) which is somewhat the same as on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

How to Sync iPad with iTunes 9.1

Syncing iPad with apps, music, videos and games will be just as simple as you do it with the iPhone or iPod.

1. Connect your iPad with the USB cable.

2. Open iTunes and wait for it to recognize your iPad.

3. Depending on your configuration, auto-sync should begin.

4. If not, then manually select whatever features you like to sync your iPad with and press the Sync button.

That’s it! Like I said, it’s the same method like you sync your iPhone or iPod Touch.

If, in any case the method has been changed with the new iPad 3.2 OS, this post will be updated accordingly.

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  • Flyingpig

    It seems that I can't choose to synchronise the music that I want, I don't have the choice but to accept whatever iTunes will throw at me?

  • Mike

    OK. So I downloaded apps that I paid for to my iPad,now I'm trying to synch to iTunes in order to get the stuff from my iPhone. I keep getting a message that it will delete all apps on my iPad and replace with the stuff on my iTunes. I want to KEEP what i have on my iPad and add to it with the stuff on my iTunes. I would think that this would be possible?

  • Cass

    I need help! I can't synchronize my ipad!!!

  • L_bartley

    I'm with you there buddy. This is seriously flawed!!! I'm so frustrated!!!

  • Rutheron55

    I have a problem with my iPad trying to sync and not sinc at the same time. This happens when I turn on my iPad and tap the iPod icon to go to my downloads. What, can I do? HELP!!

  • my itunes doesnt see my ipad. i tried almost everything i know but still doesnt working :( what can i do?

  • Plwysong

    How do I stop Itunes from syncing everything on my Iphone to my Ipad? Some apps on my Iphone are not for Ipad and I don't want them on the Ipad. Similarly, some things on my Ipad I don't want on my Iphone. But soon as I hooked up my Ipad to Itunes, it dumped everything I didn't want it to. Took me forever to get it straightened out. I have to say Itunes is challenging to figure it all out. Help?

  • Anonymous

    I’m trying to move some pictures from my PC to my iPad.  After i pick the picture and hit apply I get the following message: “Are you sure you want to remove 30 apps from the Ipad.  This will delete these apps and their data fro the iPad.”  I certainly don’t want to do this.  Please tell me what I am doing wrong.  Thanks