Windows Phone 7 Series Running On HTC HD2

by on March 29, 2010
in Gadgets

htc-hd-wp7-1 There is a big surprise for all the Windows Phone 7 Series users. Some developer named tom_codon along with some Russian guys successfully managed to port Windows Phone 7 Series to HTC HD2.

He has posted some screenshots of HTC HD2 running Windows Phone 7 series. He mentioned that all the features like WiFi, Bluetooth etc are working absolutely fine. The only problem is with the graphics driver, which is not working properly and causes the device to lag.

However, Microsoft made it clear at MIX10 that HTC HD2 will not get Windows Phone 7 update because of hardware incompatibility which require a search, start and back buttons. But looks like everything will change as the developers at HTCPedia proved that HTC HD2 is more that what people know about it. He announced that the beta version of the ROM will be released soon so all those who want to try WP7 can test it on their HTC HD2.

htc-hd-wp7-1 htc-hd-wp7-2 htc-hd-wp7-3 htc-hd-wp7-4

Here is a video of HTC HD2 running Windows Phone 7 Series.

Let’s wait and watch when the WP7 Rom will be released and how Microsoft will react when they will find out that HTC HD2 can run Windows Phone 7 OS.

[Via RedmondPie and HTCPedia]

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