iSurf, iPhone Browser Free for Limited Time

by on March 27, 2010
in iPhone, Mobile Apps

isurf-browser-iphoneSafari, the default web-browser on iPhone and iPod Touch is no doubt the best browser available for iPhone, but there is no harm in trying out others if they provide better features.

Opera Mini for iPhone is already submitted to Apple, but the question is, will it or will it not be accepted to the App Store. iSurf Browser is another cool web browser for the iPhone and iPod Touch witch features like tabs with preview etc.


iSurf is a revolutionary multi-touch browser for the iPhone. It is a very speedy web browser, and innovative way to surf the internet with gesture based navigation, visual favorites and simultaneous loading tabs!

This app was basically a paid app, which used to go on 50% off on weekends. But the good news for everyone is, all those who wanted to try the browser can get it for absolutely free!

This is a limited time promotion that I believe all iPhone/iPod users should not miss.

So without wasting any more time, grab your free iSurf Browser from the App Store!

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