Asphalt 5 for Android Released by Gameloft

by on March 26, 2010
in Android

asphalt-5 One of the leading game developers for mobile phone, Gameloft, has released Asphalt 5 for Android. Many people who played the game suggest that its one of the best 3D games for Android.

Even if we look at the screenshots and videos, the graphics are outstanding considering the fact that it’s a mobile game. However, if you visit their official website, all you will find is games for iPhone and iPod. But if you want to install Asphalt 5 on your Android smartphone, just go the Android Market and purchase the game.

However, many users will be disappointed as the game does not have a multiplayer mode. But don’t worry because the single player mode will make you forget about the multiplayer mode. The game play is really good, nice tracks, has a garage of real cars like Audi, Ferrari etc which you have to unlock as you play the game and complete different levels.

As every other game, it does have a drawback as it’s designed for Motorola Droid if you want to enjoy the game. Nexus One is in the supported phones list but the game’s framerate does not allow you to play the game properly on Nexus One. But we hope that the developers will take this point into consideration and will fix this issue so that every android user can have the same mobile gaming experience.

In order to play Asphalt 5, you have to buy the game for $6.99 because it’s a premium game and can be downloaded from the Market.

Here is a trailer showing Asphalt 5 for iPhone and you can expect the same game play for Android as well.

[via AndroidandMe]

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  • Gertman

    I have made a video of this game on the Moto Droid. Enjoy

  • Gertman

    I have made a video of this game on the Moto Droid. Enjoy