Gmail Introduces New “Suspicious Account Activity” Feature

by on March 25, 2010
in Google

gmail-logo1Google added a new feature, suspicious account activity, in Gmail which notifies the user if any suspicious login activity took place on his account.

The new feature when enabled will show an alert if they notice that something unusual is going on with your account.

You can check the recent activity of your account by scrolling to the bottom of the windows. You will see “Last Account Activity”, just click on details and it will tell you the time when you gmail account was logged in along with the geographical location. You can dismiss the warning if you think that it was a mistake or if you are travelling somewhere and logged in from an unknown IP.

According to Gmail’s Engineering Director, Pavni Diwanji,

Now, if it looks like something unusual is going on with your account, we’ll also alert you by posting a warning message saying, “Warning: We believe your account was last accessed from…” along with the geographic region that we can best associate with the access.



If you think your account was accessed by some unknown person, you should change the password as soon as possible and notify Gmail about the account activity. Although it will not show you the exact location of the person accessing your account but it will tell you the geographical location from where your account was logged in.

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