Get Free iPad in Exchange for Old CDs/DVDs

by on March 24, 2010
in Apple, iPhone

apple-ipad-photoiPodMeister, a company known for exchanging Apple devices for used CDS and DVDs. In the past, they have been giving away iPod Touch and iPhone in exchange for a certain number of used CDs/DVDs.

iPodMeister announced that they will be extending their service and will offer users Apple iPad as well in exchange for used CDs/DVDs. But the question is, what do they do with the used discs they get from the users? Well, what they do is buy your discarded discs, gives you an Apple device in return and sells the CDs/DVDs in other countries.

New York Times reports,

The company, based in New York, takes your used CDs and DVDs, sends them off to poorer countries where people can’t afford MP3 players, and gives you a new iPod, iPhone and now iPad in return.

Many people think that this is not legit and is rip off but it’s not. They claim that all the Apple devices offered in the promotion are brand new and come with full Apple warranty. New York Times Gadgetwise blog reports that this deal is legit.

What are you waiting for, if you have any discarded CDs/DVDs, take them to iPodMeister and get a free iPad.

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  • Is it possible in Pakistan?

  • Unfortunately, no.

  • How many CD's?

  • Omar_Tariq_Jutt

    Sad! I think these discarded discs also come in Pakistan.

  • Omar Tariq Jutt

    CDs or DVDs required without digitizing starts from 220 and CDs or DVDs required with digitizing starts from 330.