Windows Phone 7 Emulator ROM Unlocked

by on March 19, 2010
in Gadgets

wp7rom Microsoft announced that they will be launching Windows Phone 7 Series handsets this year, but long before that the Windows Phone 7 ROM has already been unlocked by Dan Ardelean.

The unlocked ROM reveals more of the pre-production mobile OS that Microsoft didn’t want you to see. Dan Ardelean published a BIN file which removes the locks Microsoft has put in order to hide certain features of Windows phone 7 Series operating system. Looks like Microsoft still has something in mind which can surprise the users.

ModifiedEmulator ModifiedEmulator2 ModifiedEmulator3 ModifiedEmulator4

However, this ROM is still a very early piece of work and the components in this emulator demo are not representative of what the final product will be.

Let’s see what other surprises Windows Phone 7 Series has for us.

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