Nexus One Now Compatible with AT&T and Rogers

by on March 18, 2010
in Android, Google

nexus-one-logo Google has announced that Nexus One will now be available for AT&T in US and Rogers Wireless in Canada. When Nexus One was launched, it was only available on the Google Web Store, unlocked version so users can user any GSM network.

However, different carriers have different 3G frequencies. Nexus One in the start worked with almost all the carriers except AT&T and Rogers because of its 3G frequency. So users using any of these SIM cards usually could access 2G or EDGE network.

But if you visit Google Store, you can see the option of a new Nexus One which supports these 3G networks. And it can be used on any GSM operator worldwide. The new model can be purchased on Google Web Store without any service plan.


Can the compatibility issue be the reason for the decline in the sales of Nexus One? We cannot say right now. Let’s see if this boosts the sales of Google Nexus One.

[Via Nexus One Blog]

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