Google Maps 4.1 Android Updated: Latitude Widget, Maps Live Wallpaper, New Search

by on March 18, 2010
in Android, Google, Personal

google-maps-4.1-2Google Maps for Android has bee updated today with some cool new features which are not found on any other device running Google Maps.

The new version on Android 1.6+ devices, Google Maps 4.1, brings in updated search results page where you can swipe for the next result, Maps live wallpaper and a lot more.

This latest release is a much more stable version of Google Maps with the usual bug fixes, improvements and not to mention the new features Google has added this time!

Google Maps 4.1 New Features

  • Updated Search results page
  • Swipe for next result
  • Maps live wallpaper
  • Latitude widget for homescreen
  • Multi-accounts support

Google Maps 4.1 Screenshots

google-maps-4.1-2 google-maps-4.1-3 google-maps-4.1-4 google-maps-4.1-5

This app was updated earlier today and is available for download from the Android Market. Google Maps 4.1 requires you to be an Android 1.6 (or higher) user. Users with Android 1.5 on their devices like the HTC Hero don’t get this update.

Look for the update in your Android Market downloads or you must have already got the tiny update notification in your notification bar.

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