Jailbreak iPad 3.2 Tool, Greenpois0n

by on March 17, 2010
in iPhone

apple-ipad-tabletGreenpois0n is an iPad 3.2 jailbreak tool which help you in jailbreaking your iPad, which will be running on theiPad 3.2 firmware.

Apple started taking orders for the iPad on March 15, and will be delivering them on April 5, but hackers are trying to get their jailbreaking tools working before the iPad comes into the market.

So far, none of the iPhone hackers have come up with any announcement of working on an iPad jailbreak tool, but I’m sure as the product launches, there will be many tools released like in the case of iPhone.

Joshua Hill aka P0sixninja who is a member of the Chronic Dev Team, claims to be working on an iPad jailbreak tool called as Greenpois0n. But for that, he is asking for donations which will help him get an iPad.

Not sure, if this is for real and not another joke like the Gull1hack, but this will be only proved when the actual iPad comes out.

[Via BlogsDNA]

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