Silverlight 4 RC Available for Download

by on March 16, 2010
in Microsoft

silverlight4Microsoft released the beta version of Silverlight 4 at PDC in November, 2009. On the 2nd day of Mix10, Microsoft announced the availability of the release candidate version of Silverlight 4 which comes with many new features which include better out-of-browser capability, powerful media and better tools to support Visual Studio and Express Blend.

As many people speculated, Microsoft declared Silverlight 4 as the functionality platform for Windows Phone 7 Series. Microsoft also unveiled Express Blend 4 beta which also adds support for Silverlight 4, .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010.

Microsoft’s Vice President, Scott Guthrie said,

Using Silverlight, you can deliver awesome applications for Windows Phone 7. It’s fully hardware-accelerated; it enables you to build smooth, fluid UI; you can choose to use either the default look-and-feel of the Windows Phone app [light text on dark background] or…you can have a custom app UI yourself. What this means is, you can build killer applications for this device.

Microsoft is working really hard in order to compete with the Silverlight substitute, Adobe Flash, by introducing features that were not present in the beta. They are even extending the new Silverlight in their upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series operating system which they describe as the functionality platform for WP7. Let’s see what else Microsoft releases in their ongoing Mix10 conference.

Download Silverlight 4 RC

You can download Silverlight 4 RC from the links below.

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