Seesmic Desktop Platform, Silverlight-Powered Client Announced

by on March 16, 2010
in Windows

seesmic-desktopSeesmic just announced two new products at the ongoing MIX10 conference in Last Vegas. Catch the live video stream here.

One of the product is the all new Silverlight-powered Seesmic Desktop Platform. It’s a development platform for Silverlight developers that want to work on the development of Seesmic Desktop Platform with cool new plugins and addons.


Seesmic Desktop Platform allows you to integrate Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and in terms if design is quite similar to the Sessmic for Windows app.

Other features in the Seesmic Desktop includes animated transitions in settings and personalization of background.

One of the plugins that went on the live demo is the Bing mapping control plugin that will show location of users using geo-location enabled Twitter clients.

Seesmic Desktop will work under both, Windows and Mac.

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