HTC to Launch HTC Touch Pro 3?

by on March 14, 2010
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htc-touch-pro3Nowadays, so many rumors are going on all over the internet. First it was about iPhone 4.0 to support multi-tasking, Nokia to announce C6 and the latest rumor suggests that HTC is planning to launch HTC Touch Pro 3 running Windows Mobile 6.5.

Ofcourse, it won’t support Windows Mobile 7 because of its different requirements (but who knows?), but Windows Mobile 6.5 would be cool for the HTC Touch Pro 3.


A post on XDA said,

Just had a dinner with a friend of mine who is the main distributor for HTC in Europe, and he informed that they will receive the first shipment of Touch Pro3’s this summer and they will be on sale in Europe third quarter of this year. This is my main contact for HTC devices and he arranges a Touch Pro2 for me 4 months before it was officially released…He told me that the device will be much smaller and thinner, and soon he will provide me with the evidence including the full specifications Do you guys think this would be something you would purchase or would you rather wait for the Windows Phone 7?

Well, with Windows 7 release expected by the end of this year, the chances of HTC launching a WinMo based mobile are not very high. Even if they are planning to release the mobile this summer, there would have been some news related to its launch or an event where they would launch the product. Although there are chances it may be a Windows 7 based handset.

All we can do is wait and see what HTC will announce in the upcoming days.

[Via Techie-Buzz]

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