Opera Mini 5 Android Review, Screenshots

by on March 11, 2010
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opera-mini-5-nexusoneOpera Mini 5 for Android beta was released a couple of hours ago today and since then I have been playing with the app, and trust me, I’m finding it even way faster than the Opera Mini 5 for Symbian.

This is just the first beta release, which means more improvements and bug fixes will render it into the fastest and the best browser on Android platform.

Opera Software today launched the newest beta version of the world’s most popular browser for mobile phones, Opera Mini 5, on the Android platform. Opera Mini 5 beta for Android brings a fast and cost-efficient Web experience to any handset built on the Android platform.

I have tried Opera Mini 5 for Android on my HTC Hero and the Nexus One. Performance is up to the mark on both the devices. It’s speedy, responsive and cost-efficient.

Opera Mini 5 on Nexus One and HTC Hero

The UI is the standard Opera Mini 5 interface available for touchscreen phones. When compared with the old Opera Mini 4.2 for Android, this latest beta leaves v4.2 far behind.

And I just noticed, Opera Mini 4.2 has been removed from the Android Market and if you search, Opera Mini 5 beta is the only one available there.


Opera Min 5 offers some of its standard features on the Android version – tabbed browsing, speed dial, Opera link, download manager, history, bookmarks manager, saved pages etc.

Screenshots of Opera Mini 5 Android have been attached below the download link.

Download Opera Mini 5 Android

You can download the browser by pointing your mobile browser to m.opera.com/next or download it directly from the Android Market.

Opera Mini 5 Android Screenshots

OperaMini5-1 OperaMini5-2 OperaMini5-3 OperaMini5-4 OperaMini5-5 OperaMini5-6 OperaMini5-7 OperaMini5-8 OperaMini5-9 OperaMini5-10 OperaMini5-11 OperaMini5-12 OperaMini5-13

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