Import Facebook Phonebook To Gmail Contacts

gmail-logo1You can easily import phone numbers of your Facebook contacts to Google Contacts with the help of a Greasemonkey script.

This could be useful for people using Google Sync to sync their Android devices or iPhone with Google Contacts and want their Facebook phone numbers too in the Contacts list.

Here’s the script: AddressBooker

How to Import Facebook Phonebook To Gmail Contacts

  1. First, make sure you’re using Firefox with GreaseMonkey installed.
  2. Go to your Facebook phone book. Log into Facebook, click Friends at the top, then click Phonebook on the left.
  3. Then in the Firefox menu, go to Tools->GreaseMonkey->User Script Commands->Export Facebook Phonebook
  4. Log into AddressBooker with your Google account, and follow the instructions.

This tip was originally shared by Brad Fitzpatrick, founder of LiveJournal.

[Via Folksonmy]

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