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by on March 2, 2010
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C5Nokia today unveiled a new Cseries of its Nokia phones with the announcement of the first phone in the Cseries, the Nokia C5, which is an affordable smartphone optimized for social networking and sharing.

What will we have in Cseries? Well, Nokia posted a blog post explaining what exactly is Cseries and why they chose to launch this next.

“The new Cseries represents the core of Nokia portfolio, focusing on social interaction between friends and family.”

And not just this, Nokia also explains:

Today’s announcement of the Nokia C5 joins its similarly named cousins of the Nokia X3 and Nokia X6, both of which were announced at Nokia World last year. As yet, we haven’t seen a similarly named E or N series device and of course, we won’t be commenting on when either of those might be happening.

This new naming convention is designed to make things easier for users, so they can quickly and easily work out where a device sits within the series and beyond that have a clearer idea of what each series does. Nseries remains the flagship and most advanced range of products. Xseries comes next and focuses on social entertainment. Eseries remains focussed on productivity and business whilst Cseries represents the core range of products.

I’m hoping to see some new Nseries and Eseries devices to be announced, but I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon.

From what I heard through a couple of sources at Nokia, the Nokia E72 will be the last of Eseries and won’t have anymore new phones. But you never know when Nokia might change its mind.

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  • Nokia C- phones are also lower priced phones.

  • Yeah, they are kinda budget phones with nice features.

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