First Windows Phone 7 Series Handset by LG

by on March 1, 2010
in Gadgets

lg-winmo7The first Windows Phone 7 handset has been unveiled by Microsoft at The Engadget Show, and the first WinMo7 phone is by LG.

Windows Phone 7 Series was launched at Mobile World Congress 2010 last month in Barcelona in the presentation by Microsoft.


This LG handset seems to perfectly fit in the requirements needed to run the latest Windows Mobile OS. The prototype phone was unveiled by Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman, featuring Windows phone 7 Series. It is a QWERTY-slider phone with a multitouch display and standard Windows Phone 7 Series device buttons – Back, Home and Search. It also had the power, volume and camera buttons.


According to Engadget, this device is “just a hair thicker than an iPhone or Nexus One” and features a 5 megapixels camera with flash and a headphone jack. Detailed specifications will come up later before the actual release of this LG device.

[Via Neowin]

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