Enable Paid Apps in Android Market

android-market-social-featuredWe all know Android Market is not available in all the countries yet. Not exactly the entire Market, but users in countries like India, Pakistan and a number of other places don’t get paid apps in Android Market on their phone. Only free apps are accessible.

Market Enabler is an Android app for ‘rooted’ devices that could be used to fake a phone’s location and access Android Market from other countries.


Being in Pakistan myself, I don’t get to see the MySpace Mobile Android app in my Market, but thanks to Market Enabler, I downloaded that app from the T-Mobile (US) market. Also I could see two more apps by Google, Finance and Listen, that are not available for other countries/regions.

android-market-social-featured homerunbattle-android-buy google-finance google-listen t-mobile-android-apps

Market Enabler is based on reverse engineering of Android Market delivered up to 1.5.x but does work with final 1.6 Market. And now also fully supports Android 2.0 and 2.1 (I’m using it on my Nexus One!).

Dowload Market Enabler

You can download this app for free from here: Dowload Market Enabler

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  • Ah, so you rooted your N1 :-)
    Does this mean a similar hack would allow us to use Google Voice which was also limited by location?

  • Unfortunately, nope. Android Market is based on your region and network.
    What Market Enabler does is that it fakes your network ID… That won't be
    possible with Voice as it is only based on location, not the mobile network.

  • tfd1978

    Does the device have to be rooted? I am using a HTC Desire with 2.1 but it is not rooted!

  • Yeah, your device has to be rooted for this app to work.

  • Hassan

    im using nexus one with cyanegon 5.0.6 , market enabler force closes !!!! any idea ?

  • May be a bug with that ROM? Try reporting it to them.

  • Waleedla1

    plz help
    how i can root my x10??
    i have no idea how to

  • Infratse

    great! works in my HD2 android 2.2 froyo

  • ia

    Haris i m using HTC hero 2.1 and I m not able to get into android market. You said above that in pakistan one can get access to free apps but not paid apps. but I can't even access the free apps. What is the problem ? I m in pakistan too

  • danish

    Finally someone from Pakistan.. I'm having alot of difficulties with my HTC Desire..would like to discuss it with you sometime