Skype for Android Full Version Coming Soon?

by on February 26, 2010
in Android, Internet

skype-logoSkype Lite, the Android version of Skype was taken down from the Android Market yesterday. It was not one of the best apps, but it did its job.

This could mean two things. Skype is going to release the full version of Skype for Android with all the features, or there have been mistake due to which Skype Lite is down.

Many users think that Fring is way better when it comes to using Skype on mobile. But again, an official application is a much better choice if it comes with all the features we want.

And it’s not just the Android Market. Skype has also been pulled down from the Windows Mobile Marketplace.

This clearly shows something is up at Skype which they will be announcing/releasing in a day or two.

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  • mikeeys

    i want skype voip! i am not that much of a tech guy but come on why is it so difficult? i am really considering moving over to iphone!!! also when the heck i android market comming to china, i can't download paid apps. what is the point of having a chinese english translation tool for 8 dollars if people in china can't purchase it? how many people in the states need a chinese english translation tool, usa speaks in english, no need to translate chinese to english if you are in the states!!!

  • Dany Kassim

    I really regret buying A milestone, first of all the stupid middle Easters Deleted the android market, and i had to change it to the (us) version, and im looking for some apps like Iphone simple and nice, and i cant fine and every EA game is blocked for android, There is no even skype for android for god’s sake….!