Google Shopper for Android: Shop the Smart Way

by on February 25, 2010
in Android

google-shopper-logoGoogle Shopper was released a few days ago for Android phones. It changes the way how you find products on your Android phone to buy them online.

This app helps you find detailed information about books, CD, DVD, books and video games. More products and categories will hopefully be added later.

google-shopper-1 google-shopper-2 google-shopper-3 google-shopper-4 google-shopper-5

Google Shopper Features

  • Detailed product information
  • Scan the covers of books and media
  • Barcode scanning (Never worked for me)
  • Search by voice
  • Save your history and favorites
  • Share your finds with friends

Download Google Shopper

You can download by searching for “Google Shopper” in the Android Market.

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