HTC Desire Live Wallpapers

by on February 22, 2010
in Android

htc-desireHTC Desire features the same live wallpapers as the Nexus One, but since it has HTC Sense, HTC has made a live wallpaper that will come with all the devices running HTC Sense.

I just came across this video that shows all the live wallpapers on the HTC Desire. You can also see the HTC Sense live wallpaper running in the background – bubbles floating around. Watch the video after the jump:

I’ll soon try to get my hands on the HTC Sense live wallpaper for the Nexus One and share it here. I just hope it won’t be HTC Sense dependent like their widgets.

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  • Name

    Just because HTC Desire supports Live wallpapers that doesnot mean that all HTC Sense handsets will support it. The Desire like the Nexus One works on a snapdragon processor. Unlike the HTC Hero. Which works a 500 something mz processor. The desire goodies can b available for the Nexus one but they will not ride on the HERO. HTC Legend rom will be the one which will work on HERO. you ahve to check if legend has live wallpapers.

  • Dve

    Name is right. Live wallpapers can be too much for a 600MHz processor. But if that is the case, I would expect the Legend to be much cheaper (- $100) than the Desire.