Google Buzz Desktop

by on February 14, 2010
in Freewares, Google, Social Networks

google-buzz-logoGoogle Buzz Desktop is a free Adobe AIR client that allows you to update Buzz from your desktop.

Like Twitter and Facebook, Buzz also has a very cluttered web interface and it would be better if you use it with a clean and simple desktop client. You won’t have to open your Gmail just to update Buzz.

Google Buzz Desktop emulates the iPhone version of Google Buzz and brings it to your desktop to update from there with ease.


Google Buzz Desktop Client Features

  • Updates every 2 minutes
  • Emulates iPhone version of Buzz on desktop
  • Works on any platform/browser.

Since the API doesn’t offer everything for Google Buzz, geolocation doesn’t work in the app.

Download Google Buzz Desktop

You can download it from here for free: Download Google Buzz Desktop [direct link]

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