Android PC Software Roundup, Download for Free

by on February 14, 2010
in Android, Freewares

android-logoThere is no official Android PC management tool or software for users who want to manage their Android phone from PC. But a number of developers have come up with tools that could help you in managing your Android phone.

As I have previously covered around seven such PC software for Android phones, I’m compiling them in a post, making them easier to find if you need one.

Here goes the list of apps I have covered so far of free Android desktop software:

Droid Explorer


Android Commander




Android Manager


PC Suite for Android


My Android Manager



If you know any other Android PC software that I’ve missed out, do let me know in the comments below.

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  • thanx a bundle! But u havent told if root is required for them or not?

  • Curious, do you have a personal favorite?

    All of them look competent, not sure if they would be any better then Handbrake though.

  • PC Suite for Android is the only one that i managed to sync to my hero and it's OK , if you can English it :D it's a trick! , cannot belive that this day and age there are no payed smartphone (android)sync services or products..
    what are the software producers thinking, the opensource comunity evolves slow and buggy sollutions..
    eh .. le's hope for the best tho

  • sadaat Hussain

    which one do you recommend for the hero?

  • mikki
    not avaible this domain

    other download avaible ?

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  • H_belan

    ok thenc

  • Jitu

    good listing can u give rank that godd for user

  • Jitujitu

    please give rank which is number one ,two ,three so on………

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  • Dbmaster268

    Could not find several of the applications you have listed here for Android applications. You may want to update your listings.


  • Marina_chen0727

    Hi all ,

    If you would like to try any other great Android App, the name of Android Manager Wi Fi is a good choice. You can try to get it from Google Search , the name is called ” Android Manager Wi Fi”. Or you can download from here :

    It is a free and wireless Android Phone PC Sync Tool. However it only supports WiFi connection with PC. Well.

    It supports synchronize my outlook contacts/calendar with my phone.

    The software did manage to edit/manage/backup my photo/video and most important of all playlist. Application installation, management and backup are also easy to do!

    I think it is a great Android Application , so I hereby share it with everyone.

  • Dan

    Valid download links as at 18 Sept 2010:

    Droid Explorer download:

    Android Commander:

    Desktop SMS :

    Android Manager:!download|510|300936710|AndroidManager.exe|701

  • Dsada
  • RedLeo
  • Good listing can u give rank that godd for user.

  • Mobisynapse – Android PC software

    Mobisynapse is an Android PC manager that manages apps, music, videos, contacts, file transfer, SMS etc.

  • Thailycuong1202

    AndroidPC is one more tool

  • Geraldine Budge

    do you know if any of your software works on an android 2.2 tablet. I cannot connect it to my pc. My pc does not recognise it when plugged in – many thanks G X:)

  • Michael H

    The PC Suited for Android installs in Chinese, there is no option for installing in any other language, so for the english-speaking user, it is worthless and a waste-of-time

  • Oddvarnaess

    You should also have a look at MyPhoneExplorer. I find it very usefull and for my use it is the best out there.

  • Philyu

    is there any app to sync my Anroid phone with my Outlook contacts/calendar in the laptop?

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  • Anonymous

    Yes,there is no official Android PC management tool or software for users who want to manage their Android phone from PC .

  • Algis Baublys

    I cant do it on SGS2 :( when it will work on this phone?

  • Good job for pc suite android…

  • kindly update for samsung s 2 

  • Dancar41

    After using Bluetooth File Transfer, it crashed the phone and now my ezPDF reader can’t find some of the directories.   Is it possible that any of these Android management tools could fix the directory info so ezPDF can again see all the directories?

  • I believe this is the best SMS Manager for Android, at least for my own personal use. Check this out, might fit your requirements as well