PC Suite for Android by PandaApp

by on February 13, 2010
in Android, Freewares

pc-suite-for-android-logoJust a few days ago I shared Android Commander, a PC management tool for Android devices and today again another Android PC suite caught my eye while surfing.

PC Suite for Android is a free Android desktop software developed by PandaApp.com providing you with tons of free resources for your Android phone!


PC Suite for Android Features

Some of the features included in PC Suite for Android app are:

  • Support 64-bit Windows XP/Vista OS
  • Import/Export contacts
  • Back up call logs/SMS
  • Download massive wallpapers, ringtones, themes and softwares
  • Convenient and practical RSS subscription
  • Log off & Reboot
  • Perfect UI performance
  • Phone process and system registry management
  • Phone software installation, uninstallation and management
  • Calendar and schedule management
  • Caller location inquiry

Download PC Suite for Android

You can download PC Suite for Android from here: Download PandaApp PC Suite for Android

For more Android PC software and tools, you should check out our entire collection of Android Desktop Software.

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  • hmt90a

    This looked good, but when I installed it, it was in Japanese or Chinese. Can't read that so have to find something else!

  • pandaapp.com appears to offer pirated APK downloads of non-free applications, such as MyBackup Pro – http://download.pandaapp.com/?app=soft&controll

  • Lucio Menci

    It's in Chinese, is easy to translate in english. Rightclick the tray icon, choose the only row with submeus and choose english.

    I have an LG GW620. It doesn't recognize the connection with the phone

  • ad

    This software is crap, doesn't see evo4g.. mybackupro worked way better.

  • Brian

    that is Chinese software, it is not invented by PandaApp.com

  • Silverblade NZ

    To make this use english all the time. Edit “91 PC Suite.xml” in the app directory using notepad. Find the language section and change the current and default language to “en-US”.

  • Alexander

    It does work with DroidX. Running rooted android 2.2.1 OS and has useful features. But unfortunately even after choosing English in the language menu (see post by Lucio Menci below) still some of the app remained in Chinese.

    Somehow I am afraid of using an app that was not properly internationalized. This tells me that developer took a number of shortcuts, and perhaps the code is messy. Who knows what else is messy in that code.

  • XPERIA FreeX10a User

    Brilliant fix….I was wondering where the default was.

  • Oye_hoy

    i have huawei u8100 and i wanna upgrade its firmware 2.1 to 2.3 or make it better than now ….suggest me what should i do ….bcoz i didnt find that can help me …..plz tell me the links too….

  • Kaisons_gammie

    I just bought and received from china an lg gw620 eve and the phone is in chinese, i can’t figure out how to change the language. I get as far as settings and tools because it has an icon but dont know where to go from there.  Can someone please help?!