Nexus One Multitouch OTA Update Released

by on February 3, 2010
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google-nexus-one-thumbNexus One finally gets the most-wanted feature, multitouch, in an OTA software update a few minutes ago.

Google has started rolling out the Nexus One software update which brings some great new features, and fixes a few problems that some users might have experienced. More changes after the jump.

Other features added in this software update are, as given by the official blog:

Google Goggles: this mobile application will now be available directly on your device by launching it from your All Apps menu. Just use your Nexus One camera to start searching the web

Google Maps: the Maps application with be updated to a new version, Google Maps 3.4.

Pinch-to-zoom functionality: devices will now include a new pinch-to-zoom mechanism in the phone’s Browser, Gallery and Maps applications.

3G connectivity: we will provide a general fix to help improve 3G connectivity on some Nexus One phones.

This update has started rolling out and will take up to a week for everyone to get it on their Nexus One.

Google Nexus Unbox - 42

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