More Features by Jailbreaking Apple iPad

by on January 30, 2010
in Apple, iPhone

apple-ipad-tabletJailbreak Apple iPad and the tons of more features you could add in it is something I would like to discuss today. The long-rumoured Apple iPad was unveiled a couple of days ago by Steve Jobs.

Apple iPad was announced at the Apple Media Event where Steve unveiled his “Latest Creation” at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco.

This Apple tablet, the iPad, is available in two flavours: WiFi and WiFI + 3G model. And it comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB sizes. For a quick overview on the features and specifications, check here. iPad release date has been announced for March.


As I mentioned earlier, jailbreaking iPad could bring in so much more that the iPad would be able to do. For instance, one of the feature that everyone will miss is of multitasking on the iPad. Well, if the iPad could have Cydia by jailbreaking it, we can use Backgrounder app for multitasking.

The possibilities are endless with a jailbroken Apple device like you see in the iPhone and iPod Touch. Phone calling? Texting? Tethering? All this would be awesome to play with on the iPad.

Now it all depends how fast the iPhone Dev Team and George Hotz find the exploits in the iPad OS 3.2 and jailbreak iPad.

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