Google Voice for iPhone, Android & webOS Released

by on January 27, 2010
in Android, Google, Internet, iPhone

google-voice-iphoneGoogle’s attempt to get Google Voice in iPhone finally seems to work with the latest web-based Google Voice for iPhone, webOS and lots of other devices.

Google Voice on iPhone has already been there as an unofficial app – GV Mobile – available on Cydia for download. It works only on jailbroken iPhone, but with the official web app, you can easily use it.


Google Voice web app is for browsers that support HTML5. The new version is much more interactive and let’s you make calls, SMS and listen to your voice mails.

This web app is compatible with all versions of Palm WebOS and iPhone OS 3.0 and higher.

A Google Voice account is required to use the app, and Google Voice is currently only available in the United States. To access Google Voice, visit the following site:

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