Apple Tablet Photos Leaked, Again

by on January 27, 2010
in Apple

apple-tablet-latest-3Just yesterday I posted some ‘leaked’ photos of the upcoming Apple Tablet aka iSlate which were found by the well-known UI designer, Dustin Curtis.

This latest Apple Tablet photo was sent to engadget by a tipster that claims to have taken these photos of the rumoured Apple Tablet.

According to the tipster, this Apple Tablet will have a 10-inch screen and will look like a larger iPhone with a MacBook-like aluminum back. It said rumoured to be available in March for $1000 or you can grab it on contract from Verizon for $800.




Engadget also tells that the official name for the Tablet is still a secret, but the employees at Apple call it by the codename of “K48”.

All the rumours will come to an end with Apple’s “Latest Creation” event where the rumoured Tablet is expected to be announced. This event is to be held at 10 AM PST on January 27, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, San Francisco.

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