Next Android Version to be Called Froyo

by on January 17, 2010
in Android

android-logoThe next version of Android will be called Froyo, which is short for “frozen yoghurt”. Engadget caught up with Erick Tseng, Senior Product Manager of Android, who dished up some information.

Google has its own way to make us keep guessing what would the next Android version be called. As the trend follows with, C-upcake, D-onut and E-clair – We knew the next name would start with a ‘F’-royo.


Android has been making big improvements with ever release, and with Froyo, we could again start wonderign what Google will now add in the next Android version.

Now additional information was told like the release period or what will be then next Android version (Android 2.x or Android 3.0). This makes it clear that after Froyo, we’ll have something with ‘G’.

Any guesses? Let us know in the comments below!

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