Enable Tethering on Rooted Nexus One

by on January 10, 2010
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NexusOne-TetheringTethering is one of the first features we try to get when we get a new smartphone like the iPhone, Nokia phones and now the Nexus One. I have previously shared how to enable wired tethering in HTC Hero.

It was easier on the Hero as it comes out of the box on Android 1.5, but you will require to go through some steps before you can enable tethering on the Nexus One too.


How to Enable Tethering on Nexus One

Nexus One has been (already rooted before) hacked to enable USB and wireless tethering on your phone with Android 2.1. Follow the simple steps below to enable it on your Nexus One.

Disclaimer: Perform the following steps on your own risk and we’re not to be held responsible if anything goes wrong with your phone.

Remember: And like always, perform a Nandroid backup before whatever you attempt to do with your phone.

1. First, you will have to unlock the bootloader, and then root your Nexus One for full file system access on Android 2.1 (if you haven’t already). Following guides might help you with them:

2. Download Nexus One Addon 0.1 now and flash it over the existing firmware. Don’t wipe the data partition!

3. Now download wired_tether_1_0.apk and install it on your phone.

You should now have wired tethering on your Nexus One.

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