How to Install MoDaCo Custom ROM on Nexus One

by on January 9, 2010
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google-nexus-one-thumbHere’s the tutorial that many of you must be looking for. The guide to installing MoDaCo Custom ROM on Nexus One.

I just did a tutorial on how to install the Amon RA’s recovery image on your Nexus One because his recovery software is the best so far with lots of features that you might want to use.

Paul released his Nexus One MoDaCo Custom ROM a couple of days ago that you could use on your phone. Why install that? Because it’s very much optimized by what you get in the stock firmware.

How to Install MoDaCo Custom ROM on Nexus One

To get the MoDaCo ROM on your Nexus One working on your phone, simply follow the instructions given below and you will be running the new and much optimized firmware in no time!

Remember: Please make a Nandroid backup (in the RA recovery image) before you make any changes to your Nexus One. I’m not responsible for any damage done to your phone.

1. Unlock your Nexus One bootloader (How to Unlock Nexus One Bootloader).

2. Now install RA Nexus One Recovery Image (How To Install).

3. Download MoDaCo Custom ROM and rename it as ‘’

4. Then copy to your SD card.

5. Now go to your recovery mode by powering on while pressing ‘home’ or try these methods.

6. From the menu, select Backup/Restore and click on “Nandroid Backup” to backup your current ROM.

7. Now from the recovery menu, go to “Flash zip from sdcard” and select ‘apply’

8. Confirm the installation and sit back while the new ROM installs.

If you’re a HTC Hero also, check out the tutorials I have written for Hero on rooting and installing custom ROMs:

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