Run Windows on iPhone with Wind OS

by on January 7, 2010
in iPhone

wind-os-iconNo, not really Windows. But you can almost run the same tools and applications on your iPod and iPod Touch with this cool new app in the App Store.

Wind OS iPhone app will blow in a feeling of good old Windows times to your iPhone! Something you believe you have known from the very childhood, something which is so intuitive and habitual.


It simulates a couple of Windows apps on your iPhone and iPod Touch to play with. Download it and you will again have a chance to listen to old-hat noises of a humming cooler, and see that classic desktop screen.

Some applications/features found in this application are:

  • Notepad
  • Browser
  • Minesweaper
  • Start Menu
  • Taskbar
  • And the famous, BSoD!!!

This app doesn’t come free. All this fun is packed in just $0.99.


Download Wind OS – iPhone App

You can grab it from iTunes from here: Download Wind OS

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