Superboot (Root) Mod for Acer Liquid

by on December 31, 2009
in Android

acer_liquid_whiteSuperboot (root for Nexus One) was just released today and a developer at the Modaco forums has already managed to repack it with smaller font and bigger screen size to be used with the Acer Liquid.

Liquid is the Android-based phone by Acer which originally runs on Android 1.6 but can now be modded to run the Superboot ROM which was released today to root the Nexus One.

How to Repack Superboot ROM for Acer Liquid

Follow the simple steps below and you’ll get the Superboot (Root mod) for Acer Liquid:

1. Download the Superboot ROM.

2. Extract the contents anywhere in your computer.

3. Overwrite the liquid.superboot.img given in this link.

4. Zip it back again.

5. Flash the ROM on your Liquid and you’re done!

Disclaimer: Try this on your own risk! I’m not responsible for any damage you do to your phone.

[More details at MoDaCo]



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