AychTeeSee’s Vanilla MoDaCo 3.0 ROM

by on December 29, 2009
in Android

htc-hero-whiteIn my ongoing ROM exploration, yesterday I found another ROM for the HTC Hero. So far, MoDaCo 3.0 is the only ROM that I have found stable and worth using. Infact, I’m using it as my primary ROM.

A developer at XDA Developers, AychTeeSee, has modified the MoDaCo 3.0 ROM and released a Vanilla version of it. This ROM is a modified version of Paul’s (mostly) without HTC features/bloat.

The developer has made sure to let the HTC features stay on the ROM without which the firmware would become unstable. As the developer has mentioned:

What Works:
-Everything in the MoDaCo custom rom. After installation, everything is shockingly stable.
-Unlike AOSP roms, all the hardware works properly and you get to experience vanilla Android.

What DOESN’T Work:
-Occasionally, you will get a force close issue for acore. Usually you can continue your work. But, it’s quite rare and for most people only occurs once.

Parts of Sense UI that haven’t been removed:
-Messaging: Although the Android SMS app works, you get force closes when you first start Android, and checking for messages doesn’t work.
-Toolbar and some sense menus: I’m in the process of fixing this now.
-Call dialogs still are in HTC Sense.

I’m going to give it a try now and hope it is functional as the developer as said. AychTeeSee’s Vanilla MoDaCo 3.0 ROM is said to run lightning fast, and saves a lot of memory.

Download AychTeeSee’s Vanilla MoDaCo 3.0 ROM

You can download the latest version of the ROM from the official post: Download AychTeeSee’s Vanilla MoDaCo 3.0 ROM

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