Original HTC Hero Bootscreen

by on December 28, 2009
in Android

nexusone bootscreenA few days ago, I shared how you can get the Nexus One bootscreen on your HTC Hero. I’m glad many users have tried and liked the bootscreen.

In case you want the old, original HTC Hero bootscreen, I’m sharing the links to it in this post below.

It doesn’t make much of a difference what bootscreen you have in your phone, unless you switch it on and off a lot in public.

Download Original HTC Hero Bootscreen

You can download the bootscreen in two versions: with sound and without sound. Links below.

Download Original HTC Hero Bootscreen (with sound)

Download Original HTC Hero Bootscreen (without sound)

How to Install Bootscreen on HTC Hero

  • Download the bootscreen file from the links below.
  • Extract the files in a folder on your SD card.
  • Now use a file manager such as Root Manager or SUFBS to copy all the files (except the one called “by-shenshang”) to /system/media/bootscreen/.

[Via XDA]

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