Access iTunes Music From Anywhere with pulpTunes

pulpTunes-logoNow this is something all music lovers are going to enjoy! If you have a huge music collection in your iTunes at home and you want to access that music from the office, at a friend’s party, or let other people hear it from anywhere in the world, then this is the app you’ve been looking for!

pulpTunes is a free application that lets you access your entire iTunes music collection from anywhere you want, through any web browser!


After started, a little orange will appear in your tray, and you’ll be given your machine’s IP address. To access your music from outside your home network, just point any browser to that address.

pulpTunes Features

  • Supports MP3 and AAC (M4A) files
  • Download songs with a right-click
  • Displays cover art if found
  • Generate direct links to songs or playlists to send to your friends
  • iTunes DJ integration (formerly called Party Shuffle)
  • Adjustable buffer level: useful for slow connections
  • 100% Open Source: malware-free guaranteed

Download pulpTunes

You can download pulpTunes from here: Download pulpTunes

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